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Import categories to phplinkdirectory v 3.05 or 3.06 in a few minutes (2006-08-04)

Yes, I bought the phplinkdirectory, v 3.06. That was the easy part, creating all of those categories is not. It's extremelly time consuming. I modified an earlier SQL-query that creates / imports 456 categories so that it also fits v 3.06. This directory is an example (might have changed a bit since I wrote this).

Other SEO stuff

The following are resources and tools that I use frequently when working with search engine optimization (SEO).

  • PageRank Search - Shows the Google pagerank in search engine results page (SERP). It is also possible to order by pagerank. As you will quickly notice, having a high pagerank is not a garantue for top placing.
  • Page Strength Tool - Since pagerank is evidently not everything the page strength tool might give you another view of your website's situation (and the explanation).
  • Social Bookmarking Top Sites - If you have a really good new website then social bookmarking might be effective in spreading the buzz. This website contains a short introductory of what social bookmarking is.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool - Knowing which keywords are the most popular (most used by people who use search engines) is a main area in search engine optimization. This tool might be of help.

But hey! Don't forget that the best way to aquire Internet traffic is to offer good and unique content!





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